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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holly Week for E/I

Observances during Holy week range from liturgical services in churches to informal meetings in Christian families. It is the right time for reflection.
But in the modern days, this week signifies nothing but vacation. Instead of crowding in religious areas like churches, people crowd in beaches and other getaway places...
But for E/I, neither is true. They are on alert even at these so-called Holy Days. They may be going somewhere but their presence is always up for the plant... Ows.. :D

SIEMENS Training

A new member of the E/I division, Franklin E. Vios was sent to Cebu to attend the SIEMENS PLC Basic Programming training for five days. The training was held in SIEMENS Training Center, Mandaue City last March 30 – April 3, 2009. Attending in trainings (like this) is one of PASAR’s ways of bridging the need to develop individual competency in carrying out their technical responsibilities. Other participating companies include Pepsi-Cola Products Phils., Inc., Coca-Cola Bottlers Phil., Inc., AFC Fertilizer & Chemicals, Inc., San Miguel Brewery, Inc., San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp., General Milling Corporation, and Tradepoints, Inc.

The main objective of the training was mainly to become familiar with SIMATIC S7 programming. After every topic, participants were able to structure and create simple S7 programs and run them on a system model, consisting of the S7-300 automation system, the ET200S distributed peripheral as a remote system, the TP 170B touch panel for the HMI, the MM440 drive and a conveyor model.

Though, the worth of this training is still to be tested through time in actual circumstances, it was truly a wonderful experience.... Therefore, everyone should have this opportunity...!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

EI hops from "Agalon" to "Bengie"

There is a change of the agreed venue for the upcoming getaway of EI. Seen above is the photo for the new venue..... You wish....!

See you there....!
(Date: April 18, 2009)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

EI will Invade "Baybayon ni Agalon"

The group of EI will be having a get away soon. The venue of this much anticipated event would be the Agalon Beach, which is commonly known as "Baybayon ni Agalon".

Everyone is excited... Everyone is thrilled...
At last...!

Everyone has the right to experience life away from harsh and troubles and so are

EI got Talent!